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BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Dynamic Workplace Blog / 19.02.2012
Walter Sedlacek

What is IT Consumerisation? What is the buzz about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the IT industry all about? mehr

Walter Sedlacek

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the world will look like for a CIO in 2012?  If we had a crystal ball, we could ask: will his or her attention be fully occupied by the tremendous opportunities that cloud computing offers? Will there be new buzzwords? Will there be even bigger savings and blessings promised by IT?  Or will the CIO still have to wonder if the correct colours are appearing on the PowerPoint presentations of C-level colleagues? Hopefully my CEO’s printer is still working….hmmm. mehr


TOGAF – How to Document IT Architecture

Dynamic Workplace Blog / 11.10.2011
Walter Sedlacek

In the T-Systems Global Delivery Unit Central Enduser Services (GDU CES), we use TOGAF for documentation of the IT Architecture. Of course Enterprise Architecture Frameworks are good for improving and documenting your IT, but have you ever heard about TOGAF? mehr

Walter Sedlacek

Here is how we do it at Central End-User Services, a department of T-Systems which is responsible for Clients, Backend Services such as Mailing, FileServices, Authorisation Directories and Desktop Virtualisation. mehr


Desktop Virtualization – A first approach

Dynamic Workplace Blog / 13.09.2011
Walter Sedlacek

The first question when thinking about desktop virtualization is: Why should you care about desktops? mehr


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