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As with many things on the IT market, there is no unique definition of Application Performance Management (APM), yet.  For me it has become an exciting key IT discipline (within Systems Management) as maintaining the performance and availability of applications is the primary service IT departments should provide to the enterprise. A possible definition of APM might also be in short – and from my point of view – that APM is the ability to manage the performance of software by both monitoring performance at runtime and explore implementation errors at design time to avoid unexpected behavior or delays in user interactions. Key to that is the usage of IT metrics by defining meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI), which need to be verified and aggregated into performance dashboards to get an immediate view on the overall performance of the system. These KPIs can be specified all the way from the hardware until the end-user e.g. for latency on the network, on the response time of application packages, for the duration of tasks in workflow management systems, as well as the time until an end-user receives a response on his web interface. more


Sie erinnern sich, im Herbst 2011 hatte ich bereits einen Artikel zum Thema „Kosteneinsparungen in der IT – 30% gehen immer …?“ geschrieben um aufzuzeigen, dass die oftmals aufgezeigten Einsparpotentiale irreführend für den Kunden sein können. Hierauf möchte ich aber nicht weiter eingehen, dazu verweise ich auf den bereits genannten Blog. more


Kostenreduktion im IT-Betrieb: „30% gehen immer“ lautet hier ein weit verbreitetes Mantra, das sich unter Kunden und Kollegen einen Namen gemacht hat. more


Key topics for our customers

AMM Blog / 14.04.2010

I would like to introduce myself, I am Ed Lewis the new AMM Offering manager – Application Outsourcing, Management & Modernisation has been at the heart of my IT career for over 15 years.

Following on from Arndt’s opening AMM blog, which summarised very well what challenges our customers are facing and how we will address them – I would like to focus on two topics that regularly I hear from our clients regarding their Application landscapes: