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What is modernization?

Modernization aligns IT with business

Modernization is the continuous evolution of an organization’s application infrastructure. This evolution enables companies to handle volatile requirements. The goal is to align modern technologies, skill sets, and capabilities – to replace legacy environments – with ever changing business strategies. More


Für viele IT Verantwortliche, die aus dem Sommerurlaub heimkehrten, brachte die Ankunft mehr als nur Wäscheberge daheim und „Kulturschock“ im Büro: Die optimistischen Meldungen des Frühjahrs mit steigenden Börsenkursen waren passé, statt dessen Eurokrise, Börsentief – Unsicherheit allenthalben: Unternehmensplanungen für Niederlassungen werden in Frage gestellt, was die (Re-)Aktionsfähigkeit des IT Service Managements, und damit des Application Managements vor enorme Herausforderungen stellt: Wie schnell kann das Service Management die Unternehmensentscheidungen umsetzen, wo – und wie schnell – können Kapazitäten auf- und wo abgebaut werden (und wieder zurück, falls dann doch alles gut ausgeht)? more


Kostenreduktion im IT-Betrieb: „30% gehen immer“ lautet hier ein weit verbreitetes Mantra, das sich unter Kunden und Kollegen einen Namen gemacht hat. more


Link between information security and AMM

Security needs more awareness! And, this is not only true in terms of the IT industry: 72% of all decision makers, suggested by latest research, indicate that their IT-security program is neglected -somehow. Furthermore, security measures are – most of the time – part of the equation when it is actually too late. more


AMM at youtube!

AMM Blog / 13.09.2011

Easy way to hear and listen about AMM in a short way!

Hello everybody,

do you want to know whats the key facts from AMM are and how we`ll tell it to our customers in a short and clear way? Take a look to youtube, you`ll find the new (so called) AMM elevator pitch. Spoken by an insider: Ashiq Hassanali, our Head of Horizontal Solutions & Transformational Outsourcing Portfolio & Solution Design Manager.

AMM key facts easy to listen at youtube More


heute fiel mir die aktuelle Ausgabe unserer Kundenzeitschrift Best Practice 02/2011 in die Hände: dieses Mal mit einem Beileger zum Thema AMM. Die Beilage trägt den Titel „Mehr Transparenz für IT-Strukturen“ und beinhaltet alle brandaktuellen Aspekte zu Application Management & Modernization. more


Don’t get mad – get even …

AMM Blog / 13.05.2011

… and use the right method to make the next step towards a better future for your application landscape. Last week I looked at the catalogue from an automotive manufacturer in Bavaria – and inside were many standardized features available for the customer to order. One of the configuration lines is called “Ambition”, certainly a beautiful, first-class car independent of the configuration line. more


Jungle at CeBIT?

AMM Blog / 03.03.2011

Hello again – the next big event will soon be upon us and the jungle will be on show at Deutsche Telekom’s stand at CeBIT 2011. more


The international jungle at Mexico!

AMM Blog / 14.02.2011

Hello again – last week I got a proof picture from our jungle motif from Mexico Cities airport. more


Welcome to the jungle!

AMM Blog / 24.11.2010

Whether in Mexico City, Frankfurt am Main, or Johannesburg – when you leave your flight in any of these cities, you are likely to be confronted by a jungle. The reason is not rapid global warming, but T-Systems’ latest marketing campaign. The Telekom subsidiary is using a jungle motif in the advertisements for its AMM solution, which are also appearing on large billboards at many airports. The campaign is running simultaneously on three continents, and the jungle motif is also being deployed in print ads, which have already appeared in the Computerwoche magazine for instance. The motif can also be seen in the banners of the online portals of selected periodicals such as Spiegel, Handelsblatt, or CIO. more