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After talking to numerous clients from various industry backgrounds with a diverse set of SAP systems, a common discussion topic kept appearing:

‘we need to reduce the number of SAP instances, the number of systems (modules) duplicating the same business processes, reduce the complexity of the interfaces between these systems & standardise on the SAP versions’.

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Modernisation Strategy

AMM Blog / 21.05.2010
Ed Lewis

I would like to update you on a couple of AMM topics we are focusing on in the coming weeks: more


Key topics for our customers

AMM Blog / 14.04.2010
Ed Lewis

I would like to introduce myself, I am Ed Lewis the new AMM Offering manager – Application Outsourcing, Management & Modernisation has been at the heart of my IT career for over 15 years.

Following on from Arndt’s opening AMM blog, which summarised very well what challenges our customers are facing and how we will address them – I would like to focus on two topics that regularly I hear from our clients regarding their Application landscapes:

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