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The term “change management “ has been interpreted in different ways by different people depending on the context in which the change is being introduced, the reason for the change or the execution of the change. While conventional wisdom suggests that this phrase encapsulates any shift or transition from a current state to a pre-defined, different and desired future state, various experts have broken down this term in a number of ways and coined their own definitions. Some prefer to list the phases or stages involved such as 1. Adapting to change, 2. Managing change and 3. Effecting change. Other organizations such as Prosci Inc. talk about the three elements of change management being 1. The process, tools and skills to achieve change, 2. Managing the people part of the change and 3. Achieving the objectives related to the change. (Prosci Inc., 1996-2011)

In this article, we aim to examine change management with a strong focus on the people management side of change, using one of Prosci’s models to illustrate the challenges faced during change management while analyzing a real life example from relevant past industry experience. More …