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Don’t get mad – get even …

AMM Blog / 13. May 2011

… and use the right method to make the next step towards a better future for your application landscape. Last week I looked at the catalogue from an automotive manufacturer in Bavaria – and inside were many standardized features available for the customer to order. One of the configuration lines is called “Ambition”, certainly a beautiful, first-class car independent of the configuration line.

I could also see the connection to the AMbition® method of our AMM portfolio, as well as the same basic requirements between the automotive manufacturer and our AMbition® method.

The Service Management processes are standardized, in the same way the design and development processes of car production are. With AMbition®, the customer receives a global allocation model – just as you do when you configurate a car. AMbition® allows the customer a secure and smooth transition from the current mode to the future mode, the same way that, in my opinion, a car manufacturer does: From no car or an old model to a brand-new, modern car with a standardized process.

Okay, so there are many good car manufacturers, and a lot of people would prefer brands other than the one based in Bavaria. But there is only one successful, proofed method to implement an application.

So don`t get mad – get even, when it’s a case of improving your application.





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