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AMM Blog / 21. June 2010

Right now, the world is looking to South Africa – for the biggest soccer event of the last four years. Everyone around me (even those who usually hate soccer) is waiting for their team’s first match with bated breath. Soccer maniacs are hoping for thrilling matches and revealing insights into the mastery of their soccer heroes.

I have heard that T-Systems is also offering its customers revealing insights into the recent developments relating to the real top IT topics. T-Systems’ “world event” is the “T-Systems Symposium”, which will be staged at three locations in Germany in June/July: Hannover, Darmstadt and Stuttgart. The CeBIT 2010 trade fair held in Hannover in March was a similarly big event covering a broad range of topics with more input from Deutsche Telekom. The T-Systems Symposium will give business customers a deeper insight into its own top topics.

What topics will be shown? To name a few – My Access Key, SIMKo 2, UCC, mobile CRM and, of course, AMM. On this particular occasion, AMM will be showcased together with ERP. Why? AMM makes no sense on its own. Combined with ERP, customers will be able to see the brand new update from the former AMS and the transformation to AMM. The second “M” stands for “Modernization” – it gives customers numerous advantages and the ability to take their applications into the future. Invitations have been sent out to customers – feedback is underway.

Take a look at the AMM blog next week – with more news about AMM and the T-Systems Symposium. Until then, keep the fever burning – yebo!




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