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AMM Blog / 21. May 2010

I would like to update you on a couple of AMM topics we are focusing on in the coming weeks:

As part of the AMM offering –Application Modernisation is a key component of our Roadmap development, we are developing a Modernisation strategy that will concentrate on aligning our current skills & expertise with a predicted industry growth in demand for Application Modernisation services of 10-12% per year for the next 2-3 years…..

Our Modernisation strategy will be supplemented by specific market-leading technologies & partners that will make best use of our current expertise & skills.

Our Application Modernisation strategies will focus on the following areas:

  • Legacy Application Consolidation – moving current legacy business functionality to new products (SAP, Oracle ….)
  • Mainframe Application Migration – Lift & shift current legacy applications to new low-support cost platforms (Cloud enabling services & Dynamic environments’)
  • Renewing Client specific Application Portfolio components (new Middleware technologies, Reporting functions…..)
  • SAP Harmonisation & Consolidation – more efficient operation of existing large SAP investments.

Underpinning this Application Modernisation strategy is one our key market differentiators – the technology link to our Transformational Outsourcing offering:
Cloud Enabling Services
Fit for Dynamic Computing Services.

As we assess & modernise our clients portfolio we most target delivering these new applications as a ‘cloud computing service’- with an on demand, pay for use commercial principle…..

Have a nice day,



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