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Security Special

IT-Security zur Chefsache machen
Wenn Unternehmen ihre Geschäftsprozesse in Richtung Mobility, Collaboration oder Cloud transformieren, geht das nicht ohne IT-Security.
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PAC Radar Report

Whitepaper PAC Radar Report
Whitepaper: Führende Anbieter von SAP Consulting & Systemintegration (C&SI) in Deutschland
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AH Rittersbacher

Mehr Tempo mit VaudisPro

Die Händlersoftware VaudisPro unterstützt die Verkaufs- und Serviceprozesse in den Niederlassungen der Autohandelsgesellschaft Rittersbacher.
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AH Prengemann

Mit Xenon alle Finanzen im Blick

Finanz- und Buchhaltungssystem Xenon liefert dem Autohaus Prengemann aktuelle Kennzahlen.
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AH Schade und Sohn

Mit VaudisPro breiter aufgestellt

Um neben Mercedes- auch VW-Kunden zu betreuen, führt das Autohaus Schade u. Sohn als weiteres Dealer-Management-System VaudisPro ein.
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HIL GmbH | Beispiel für ein hochsicheres Weitverkehrsnetz

Hochsicheres Weitverkehrsnetz dank Kryptoboxen

Beispiel für ein hochsicheres Weitverkehrsnetz: Die HIL GmbH arbeitet mit kryptologisch abgesicherter Datenübertragung bei allen Material- und Logistikanwendungen.
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Flughafen Scheremetjewo Moskau

Flughafen Scheremetjewo Moskau

Durch die Integration einer SAP-Rechnungswesenkomponente hat der Flughafen seine Rechnungsstellung automatisiert und die Liquidität verbessert.
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Landesweites SAP

Seit der Einführung eines zentralen SAP-Systems verfügt das Land Baden-Württemberg über Controllinginstrumente – wie ein privates Unternehmen.
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Magna International Inc.

Dynamic Sourcing als SAP-Betriebsmodell

Der österreichisch-kanadische Automobilzulieferer Magna hat den Betrieb seiner SAP-Systeme auf Cloud Computing umgestellt.
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13. September 2013 Lösungen

„Cloud Partner of the Year“ – T-Systems von Cisco ausgezeichnet

“Cloud Partner of the Year“

T-Systems ist für Cisco als Cloud-Partner erste Wahl.

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Planning is everything

AMM Blog / 30. April 2010

Good Morning,

I guess it’s the right time to speak about our Best in Class AMM Engagemant Method: AMbition.

What is AMbition?

Planning is everything.

The exceptional quality of Application Management and Modernization is plain to see: AMbition provides you with the ultimate in support throughout every phase of outsourcing applications—from preparation, development of new concepts and transition all the way to pilot runs, changeover and standard operation. According to market research, AMbition offers high levels of dependability, planning reliability and process efficiency.

The perfect fit.

In every phase of AMbition we adapt standardized processes to suit your individual circumstances.
Clearly defined results mark the starting point for each subsequent phase.
Phase 1: Quick Scan, Service Scan and the AMbition concept.

The first step involves a Quick Scan to identify the most important data and figures for your existing application management. The results are presented to you as a rough concept conforming to ITIL criteria and as initial approaches for best practices and optimization.

A subsequent Service Scan then gets down to business: we find out for you how often someone calls your service hotline, what errors occur and how fast they are fixed, how often changes are incorporated into your systems, what costs are incurred and the quality of your application performance. In short: we point out what areas need improving and how you can optimize the quality and efficiency of your applications.

Based on these results, we put together a service manual and a plan for transition—regardless if it’s from SAP or standard applications or from individual software.

Phase 2: Transition to AMbition.

Transition means the methodical, tool-supported takeover of applications by our service. Covering all applications, the service manual documents the processes and organizational structures needed for smooth operation and identifies any potential failure scenarios. We also spend time defining and optimizing the service chain that ends with the user. The transition stage is rounded off with a trial run.

Phase 3: Pilot phase.

In this phase we test standard operation according to the service manual and within the framework of contractual regulations. We also carry out any necessary measures for improving quality, e.g. ascertaining customer satisfaction.

Prior to changeover to standard operation, we establish and test standard communications as well as operational capabilities and reliability. We also once more take a very close look at monitoring measures. Then there’s some fine tuning to ensure smooth and productive

At your side, worldwide.

AMbition is the result of many years’ experience implementing applications according to international

ITIL standards for companies of all sizes. We have created AMbition for SAP, standard applications and individual software. Consistent worldwide, with the same methods, processes and tools. Outsourcing your applications is fast, smooth and cost-efficient. T-Systems has proved many times over that they really are as good as they say. AMbition leads you step by step to measurable, transparent results of persuasive quality. With every step, you gain more freedom. For your plans, innovations, visions.

Success is the norm.

Once standard operation of Application Management and Modernization is up and running, it guarantees the best possible upkeep, maintenance and improvement of your applications based on service level agreements and precisely measured data.

The advantages for you:

  • Applications are always state of the art
  • Transparent service
  • Exceptional quality
  • Reduction in costs
  • Scalable solutions
  • Fast implementation of changes
  • High planning reliability
  • Success that can be measured

With Application Management and Modernization you’ll always have a good overview.

Of services, quality and costs.

And now it’s only 2 weeks to go until AMbition 3.0. See what’s new and exciting.

See you in 2 weeks, same place, same time.




Disclaimer of Liability: All comments reflect the opinion of individual readers. For correctness and completeness of these contents T-Systems assumes no liability.
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