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Right time to clean up your landscape

AMM Blog / 22. March 2010

Welcome to our new T-Systems Blog “Application Management and Modernization”.

I am Arndt Emmert and its up to me to introduce myself as well as a new blog. So for the beginning some informations about me. Over the last 8 years I have been working with T-Systems on the Application Management stuff. During this interesting journey I did both sales and delivery jobs in an international oriented business.

Since the beginning of 2009 I am responsible for the Business Development of AMM.

Why do we call it Application Management and Modernization? In the past we used the term AMS which was only focussed on the Application Services but to get our offering more complete we need to give answers on our customer challenges.

I think it’s the right time to do some spring-cleaning to your application landscape.

What challenges is a CIO facing today?

Beside the constant and increasing pressure on IT spending, the IT departments are expected to contribute directly to better business process performance, complex legacy IT environments causing a lack of transparency.

That leads to high it governance efforts which often enough eats up the own IT staff.

What can we do to solve this situation?

  • We provide an innovative factory-based and industrialized delivery model
  • We accommodate changing business demand via our pricing models, our ability to scale, and our innovative service management
  • Our continuous service improvement process ensures consistent high performance and innovative technology.

The savings that we get out of our Application Management is our contribution to the modernization Agenda of our customers. If we would be the AMM Provider:

  • We jointly design a target application landscape, leveraging commercial off-the-shelf products, focusing on consolidation and harmonization
  • A transformation management methodology guides us through the process
  • We drive a joint innovation agenda – harnessing our industry and technology expertise

Now lets see how talk vs. action. I have some spring-cleaning to do.



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